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I’ve long thought about whether to bring this topic here or just let it go. But most atrocities in the world had happened, are happening and will always happen when people are afraid (or just aren’t bothered) to speak up. Yes, indeed, this is about Ukraine.

I have quite a few friends and colleagues who either come from there, or live there. Most of Setapp team (if not all) is located in Kyiv. And all these people or their loved ones are experiencing something that should not be happening in civilized world in the 21st century.

As I kept thinking about this and about how close this conflict is to my own home, my own country, which had experienced its own fair share of aggression from Russia in the late 1960s, I kept reaching the same conclusion that there’s only little that I can do about this – but exactly, there’s little I can do about this. And the little and nothing is what makes all the difference.

I am sure that the following will not cause Putin to withdraw (I mean let’s be honest, he won’t back down just because his /surely favorite/ apps suddenly show a Ukrainian flag), but it’s a gesture to show that people in the world are not indiferent to what’s happening. This is not about politics, this is simply about human suffering that’s completely unnecessary.

Starting next week, Downie and Permute will display Ukrainian flag over their icons when run under Russian locale. This change is not permanent, it’s temporary – there are many Russians who do not agree with this conflict.

Additionally, we are donating $2000 to People In Need (https://www.peopleinneed.net/donate/once).

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  1. As a Downie user, I totally agree with your take on the matter. God bless Ukraine! #StandWithUkraine🇺🇦

  2. I like and support this idea. Thank you. (One note – the URL at the end appears not to be a link, which I assume is just a typo.

  3. Hello. We are all against the conflict, no one wants wars and deaths of people. However, don’t you think it’s a bit tactless to make a decision for others? In particular, making the specified function impossible to disable. Either make the specified functionality optional or return the funds that were paid for your application. Amazing tactlessness.

    • I’m sorry that you feel that way, but this is not something I am willing to debate. My friends’ lives are disrupted due to this. The entire Europe sees a madman and we’re all afraid what will come next because the next thing can be the final war of humans. This is a reminder to everyone’s own conscience, so that everyone looks down to the core of their soul and asks if they are doing enough – if they’ve shown their disapproval publicly, if they’ve contacted the people they’ve voted for, etc. There are many people unaware of the reality, living in a Putin-provided bubble. Look at videos of soldiers who do not know why they are there and where they’re going. You may say it’s a “Western propaganda”. But this was exactly the same in Czechoslovakia in 1968 – tanks with Russian soldiers who knew nothing, but they went and killed. It WAS occupation – even though I’m told by many Russians that you are still being taught in school it was a friendly military operation – just like the one that’s happening now. It wasn’t friendly at all. I will not stand idly while people are suffering.

      • Dear Charlie. My thought is different. I don’t want to belittle other people’s lives at all, death is terrible. I will not use someone else’s rhetoric and engage in polemics regarding Donbass and so on. My thought is that you are not offering to join your position, but are imposing it, which I consider unacceptable. If you had done otherwise, namely: posted a notification about your position and offered to support you by placing the flag of Ukraine on the application icon. Do you really think that someone in the world is not following what is happening now? You know, I don’t know what kind of bubble you’re talking about, but we have access to the Western media. That is, I don’t want to give an assessment of your position, I was outraged by the way it was brought. Although I must say that I expressed myself sharply.
        p.s. I apologize, I am writing through a translator. I rarely use English, I have already lost the skill.
        I repeat, I do not want to enter into a polemic regarding the information field. As for historical facts, research should be studied here, and for now we can rely on journalism. I hope that you will agree that this is a very controversial source of information. This thesis is equally true for both Russian and Western materials.

  4. I commend what you are doing, Charlie. Yes, you are going to upset a few people (like Dmitriy above), but so be it. Based on the world’s reaction to this travesty, I’d say the vast majority of people are with Ukraine, and I suspect that most (if not nearly ALL) of your customers have no issue with your decision.

    Personally, I love it!

    Oh, and BTW: Downie rocks! Thanks for what you do. 🙂

  5. Love this, it’s a small thing, but a meaningful thing.

  6. Very sad, but also very proud of the support all people give to Ukraine people

  7. Respect for your decision, keep it up! I hope the best for Ukraine and both people, Ukrainians and Russians (sans Putin et al.).

  8. Great idea – fully support it and i think it might be even a better idea, than cease doing busyness in Russia. 🇺🇦 🙏

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