Downie 3 Beta Testing

Yes, it’s finally here, the highly anticipated Downie 3 beta testing! There’s so much stuff that’s new and improved that it’s best if you refer to the release notes (see below for a quick overview of the main new features and improvements):

PleaseĀ do not report bugs hereĀ – report them using the support dialog right in the app. Thank you!

And here’s the much anticipated download link:

Major new features and improvements:

  • UI Redesign – the UI has been redesigned from the ground up. It’s faster, more fluent and visually pleasing.
  • Menu Bar Icon – control the downloads from the menu bar – without the need to switch away from your current work.
  • Improved HLS Support – HLS streams download up to 4 times faster!
  • DASH Stream Support – DASH streams are now supported!
  • Simple Mode – if your preference is to keep the UI as simple as possible, there’s a simple mode for you!
  • Browser Extension Options [TBD] – browser extensions now allow to send the current link and set postprocessing.
  • Automatic Queue Sorting – have your queue automatically sorted by progress or name.
  • File Grouping by Site and Playlist – all downloads can now be sorted into folders based on where you downloaded them from or from which playlist are they.
  • Delayed Queue Start – schedule your downloads for the middle of the night so that you’re not hogging the bandwidth for the rest of the family!
  • Popup Window Support in User-Guided Extraction – the User-Guided Extraction now optionally supports popup windows so that you can sign into sites that open login in a separate window.
  • Major Postprocessing Improvements – postprocessing of some downloads can take only a few seconds instead of minutes thanks to Downie analyzing the video prior to the conversion!
  • … and many other improvements.
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  1. Great! I hope that scheduling might be included at some point. The reason this would be great is because I am on satellite with limited anytime data and 50gb data 02:00am to 08:00am. Any chance this might be possible?

    Thanks, keep up the great work.

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