Big Sur and Apple Silicon

I keep getting questions about Big Sur compatibility and Apple Silicon native versions of the apps.

Please keep in mind that all 99% of apps will work on Big Sur as-is, the same goes for Apple Silicon as Apple’s Rosetta can run apps compiled for Intel with almost no speed difference.

macOS 11 Big Sur

All of our (maintained) apps are compatible with macOS Big Sur. If you see a bug, it’s just because I haven’t noticed it. Just report it using the in-app support dialog (using the Support button in the main window, menu popover, Help menu in the menu bar, etc).

Apple Silicon Native Support

All of our (maintained) apps are running just fine on Apple Silicon. Downie, UctoX, Rottenwood and Eon have already been updated to run natively on Apple Silicon, Permute will follow, but there is no need to wait for it as it will run fine via Rosetta. If your concern is about Permute’s speed, it’s not entirely founded – hardware-accelerated conversions (most of them by default) run in an out-of-process native XPC and are not slowed down at all. Other conversions in my testing run on par with or faster than iMac 27” 2017 (4.2 GHz i7). So trust me, you are fine.

See below for details.


Yes, Big Sur did change the way the icons look. Many developers started updating their, our apps will be updated as well, when the time comes our apps have already been updated as well.

App Status

  • Downie – v4.1.9 (Nov 19) – Big Sur compatible, runs natively on Apple Silicon
  • Permute – Big Sur compatible. Many parts run natively on Apple Silicon, remaining parts run just fine via Rosetta. Full support for Apple Silicon is coming soon.
  • UctoX – v2.8.3 (Nov 26) – Big Sur compatible, runs natively on Apple Silicon
  • Rottenwood – v1.2.8 (Nov 26) – Big Sur compatible, runs natively on Apple Silicon
  • Eon – v2.8.4 (Dec 1) – Big Sur compatible, runs natively on Apple Silicon
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  1. At least other apps can change its icon, but Permute cannot even change icon. If there will not be a new icon, I hope if there are an option to change its icon.

    • No, sorry, I do not plan to change this. Permute uses a Dock extra to manage the icon and change it according to the macOS theme and there will be no changes to this. Sorry.

  2. “So when it will be? When at least 50% of users of the app are on Big Sur.?
    This makes me unacceptable. It is hard to imagine that there are developers who are so unwilling to accept new things today. If every developer had done this, the world would have stopped moving forward.
    Developers should promote new technologies and new UI, instead of keeping to the old version of the system and users, they are not your future customers.
    There are already a lot of users in China who are dissatisfied with your move, especially the Permute app can’t even change the Icon itself. This caused me doubts about upgrading in the future, and I am looking for alternative apps.
    Leave a message here, hoping to speed up the progress of Icon drawing.

    • Thank you for your feedback. Please note that while I understand your point, and to some extent I do agree that developers should promote new technologies, it’s “just” an icon! And it will be updated! It’s not like if the app stopped working or you had to worry about other compatibility issues. It’s “just” an icon and as I’ve mentioned elsewhere, Downie and Permute will be getting new icons by the end of this year.

      If Apple provided a way for us developers to supply different icons for Big Sur and previous versions, it would be a no-brainer and the new icons would be there from day 1. Unfortunately, as they did not do so, we are generally forced to upset one part of users – either you, the eager ones who upgraded immediately and have a very strong feeling about what their Dock should look like; or upset the large portion of users sticking with older OS because they are not ready to upgrade for whatever reason. Please realize this – there’s a large group of people using an earlier version of OS. And it may be you one day. And you might feel just the opposite at that point.

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