June 5, 2017

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Downie 3

With today’s the release of Downie 2.9 it is evident that release of Downie 3 is getting closer! There are still at least 9 updates coming for Downie 2.x 6 updates coming for Downie 2.x, but I thought I’d provide some information about the upgrade. Firstly, it will be an enourmous update. The main focus will go […]

Downie 3 Beta Testing

Yes, it’s finally here, the highly anticipated Downie 3 beta testing! There’s so much stuff that’s new and improved that it’s best if you refer to the release notes (see below for a quick overview of the main new features and improvements): http://trial.charliemonroe.net/downie/rnotes_3.html Please do not report bugs here – report them using the support dialog right […]

Downie Browser Extensions Open Sourced

All browser extensions are now open source! We are open sourcing browser extensions to make them transparent, so that you know there is no funny business going on and we are absolutely open to new ideas and even pull requests if anyone feels like improving them! Please note that Chromium, Opera and Opera Beta use […]

User-Guided Extraction

User-Guided Extraction (UGE) is a Downie feature that was introduced in Downie 2.2 and allowed Downie to download content it wouldn’t be able to download otherwise as the path to the content contained encryption, massive JavaScript execution and so on. UGE is a way for you to download videos that aren’t directly supported by Downie […]

Downie and Supported Sites

Downie now supports almost 1300 sites (as of May 8, 2017). You can access the list via Preferences > Supported Sites. The important thing to keep in mind is that this list is a list of explicitly supported sites – Downie can extract videos from thousands and thousands other sites. Within this article, I will […]

Charlie Monroe Software Blog

It’s been planned for a very long time and it’s finally here! We’re blogging! This blog will contain various posts about our products, their future, beta builds will be posted here as well as major announcements will be made here. You can use the RSS icon in the top-right corner to get a feed so […]